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A Practical Guide To Compressor Technology.pdf    26.4 MB
Centrifugal And Rotary Pumps Fundamentals With Applications.pdf    5.8 MB
Centrifugal Compressor.pdf    29.4 MB
Hvac Pump Handbook, Second Edition.pdf    12.5 MB
Pump Handbook.pdf    23.2 MB
Pumps Centrifugal Pumps Practical Design And Maintenance.pdf    24.3 MB
Cooling Tower Fundamentals.pdf    54.8 MB
Cooling Tower Structures.pdf    1 MB
Cooling Tower Thermal Design Manual.pdf    1.9 MB
Cooling Towers Design And Operation Considerations.pdf    201.9 KB
Cooling Towers Performance Test – British Standard.pdf    1.6 MB
COOLING TOWERS Thermal and Function Design Code BS.pdf    2 MB
Hvac Water Chillers And Cooling Towers(1).pdf    2.7 MB
Mechanical – COOLING TOWERS Thermal and Function Design Code BS.pdf    2 MB
Compact Heat Exchanger.pdf    81.5 MB
Compact Heat Exchangers – Guidance For Engineers.pdf    13.1 MB
Heat Exchanger Design Handbook – Mechanical Design.pdf    7.1 MB
Heat Exchanger Design Handbook.pdf    83.8 MB
Heat Exchanger Design Handbook1.pdf    84 MB
Heat Transfer – Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger.pdf    3.7 MB
Mechanical Engineering – Heat Exchanger Thermohydraulic Design.pdf    12.6 MB
Advanced Piping Design (Process Piping Design Handbook – Vol 2).pdf    37.9 MB
Compressed Air Piping Systems.pdf    306.4 KB
Engineer And Design Liquid Process Piping – 2002.pdf    1.6 MB
Engineering – Piping Handbook.pdf    28.6 MB
Facility Piping Systems Handbook Ed 2 Frankel Mcgraw-Hill.pdf    9.7 MB
Flanges, Fittings & Piping Data.pdf    5.2 MB
Fluid Flow & Piping.pdf    1.6 MB
Mcgraw-Hill – Piping Handbook (7E).pdf    28.9 MB
Mechanical – Piping Pipe Drafting And Design.pdf    47.8 MB
Mechanical – Piping Pipeline Rules Of Thumb Handbook 5E.pdf    31.5 MB
Pipe Design For Robust Systems.pdf    2.2 MB
Pipeline Engineering.pdf    9.9 MB
Piping – Elsevier (2004) – Valve Selection Handbook(2).pdf    9 MB
Piping And Pipe Support Systems.pdf    39.6 MB
Piping And Pipeline Engineering – Design, Construction, Maintenance, Integrity And Repair.pdf    21.7 MB
Piping And Pipeline Engineering.pdf    21.3 MB
Piping And Pipelines – Assessment Guide.pdf    9.8 MB
Piping Design For Process Plants.pdf    10.8 MB
Piping Design,Part 2 – Flanges.pdf    2.6 MB
Piping Design.pdf    9.3 MB
Piping Engineering Leadership For Process Plant Projects.pdf    13.9 MB
Piping Engineering.pdf    40.1 MB
Piping For Condenser And Cooling Tower.pdf    2.9 MB
Piping Guide (Recommended).pdf    28.9 MB
Piping Materials.pdf    1.1 MB
Piping Systems & Pipeline Asme Code Simplified (2005).pdf    5 MB
Piping- Introduction To Pipe Stress Analysis.pdf    27.9 MB
Valves, Piping And Pipeline Handbook (3Rd Ed) – T C Dickenson (Elsevier).pdf    103.1 MB
Valves, Piping And Pipelines Handbook.pdf    47.7 MB
Valves, Piping, And Pipeline Handbook.pdf    103.1 MB
Practical Guide To Pressure Vessel Manufacturing-1.pdf    58.5 MB
Pressure Vessel Design Handbook.pdf    18.1 MB
Pressure Vessel Design Manual (Elsevier 2004).pdf    13.7 MB
Pressure Vessel Design Manual.pdf    6.3 MB
Pressure Vessel Design-The Direct Route.pdf    4.5 MB
Pressure Vessel Design.pdf    8.1 MB
Pressure Vessel Dimensions.pdf    3.8 MB
Pressure Vessel Handbook – 10Ed.pdf    26 MB
Pressure Vessel Handbook.pdf    16.9 MB
Pressure Vessels Code Of Practice.pdf    4.2 MB
Pressure Vessels Design And Practice Handbook.pdf    4.2 MB
Awwa – Welded Steel Tanks For Water Storage.pdf    1.2 MB
Corrosion Protection For Storage Tanks 01(1).pdf    293.2 KB
Design Of Fuel Handling, Storage Systems For Nuclear Powerplants.pdf    348.8 KB
Evaluation Of Design Criteria For Storage Tanks With Frangible Roof Joints.pdf    5.8 MB
Handbook Of Storage Tank Systems – Codes Regulations And Designs.pdf    3.9 MB
Handbook Of Storage Tank Systems Codes Regulations, And Designs(1).pdf    4 MB
Membrane Stress Analysis Of Vessel Shell Components.pdf    1.8 MB
Petroleum Storage Tanks Qm4500.pdf    1.6 MB
Sti Sp001 Standard For Inspection Of Aboveground Storage Tanks-Chevron.pdf    43.5 KB
Understanding Atmospheric Storage Tanks.pdf    5.5 MB
Us Army Course – Petroleum Storage Tanks Qm4500.pdf    2.1 MB
Welded Steel Tanks For Oil Storage Add1-2 Api Std 650.pdf    1.9 MB
Chemical Engineering – Oil – Hydrocarbon Processing – Improve Valve And Pump Sizing.pdf    822.5 KB
Chemical Process Equipment S M Walas.pdf    25 MB
Compressor Handbook.pdf    10.8 MB
Dynamic Stability Design Of Stacks And Towers Transactions Of Asme Nov-1966.pdf    961.7 KB
Guide To Compact Heat Exchangers – Plate Heat Exchanger.pdf    3.7 MB
Guidelines for Process Equipment Reliability Data.pdf    11.3 MB
Guidelines For Solutions For Process Equipment Failures.pdf    11 MB
Handbook Of Storage Tank Systems – Codes, Regulations, And Designs.pdf    3.9 MB
Heating System Components,Gas And Oil Burners And Automatic Controls.pdf    21.1 MB
Hydraulics Of Pipelines Pumps, Valves, Cavitation, Transients.pdf    10.5 MB
Ksb – Centrifugal Pump Design.pdf    15.3 MB
Materials Science and Engineering Handbook.pdf    15.4 MB
McGraw-Hill – Piping Handbook (7e).pdf    28.8 MB
Nalco Guide To Boiler Failure Analysis.pdf    10.9 MB
Pressure Safety Design Practices For Refinery And Chemical.pdf    15.4 MB
Process Engineering Equipment Handbook – Claire Soares.pdf    45.4 MB
Working Guide To Process Equipment.pdf    7.2 MB

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